WTDG Podcast
WTDG #184: Run DLC

This week we talk about jumping puzzles.

WTDG #183: Predictions!

This week we talk about how successful Pocket Camp is going to be this next year and how awesome Yooka-Laylee was this year

WTDG #182: Quick Trip to the Rift

This week we keep it short because we know you're tired of hearing about League of Legends.

WTDG #181: Strangers at BlizzCon

This week we talk BlizzCon 2017 and end the episode with a talk about Stranger Things 2. 

WTDG #180: Castle Odyssey

This week, the quartet discusses Super Mario Odyssey and Wolfenstein II: New Colossus.

WTDG #179: The Trash Economy

This week we provide a deep review of Destiny 2 and discuss the real-world trash economy.

WTDG #177: Return to WTDG Castle

In this episode, the story mode for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite gets way too much air time. 

WTDG #176: Interview Shoes

This week we're talking the Hob, Steamworld Dig 2, Cuphead, and the planned obsolesence of interview shoes. 

WTDG #175: Quadruple Gaijin Club

This week we bring on special guest and travel companion Josh Mackler to discuss.... Tinder in Japan?

WTDG #174: Infinite Sin

With Ryan back from Japan, we talk the best and worst of video games. 

WTDG #173: Before the Japan, Part 2

The epic conclusion of the critically-acclaimed two-part mini-series. 

WTDG #172: Before the Japan, Part 1

As Ryan gets ready for his trip to Japan, he talks all about WTDG lore with Sean. 

WTDG #171: The Return of Destino Brothers

This week we discuss Destiny 2 beta impressions and... more Path of Exile!

WTDG #170: Hangover Minisode

This week's shorter episode focuses on Blizzard games and Path of Exile.

WTDG #169: The Great Twitter Challenge

This week we talk scuba-diving, puppy pool parties, and present listeners with a Twitter challenge.

WTDG #168: The Fall of WTDG

Double dipping might not be meta, but this episode sure is.

WTDG #167: Mr Kirby's Grumbly Ride

What is Kirby upset with this time?

WTDG #166: Kirby & Sean Power Hour

With James out for the week, Sean and Kirby discuss Gigantic, and how to score a date. 

WTDG # 165: Evo and the Albatross

This week is devoted to fighting game discussion as we get into EVO 2017.

WTDG #164: Ninjas in Space

This week we primarily discuss Warframe and its upcoming expansion. We also have smaller discussions on Hollow Knight, FFXIV, team builder in League of Legends, SGDQ, and of course, Terrace House.