WTDG Podcast
WTDG #218: Old Styles Made New

This week we talk Crosscode and Yellow & Yangtze, two games that revitalize old-school sensibilities.

WTDG #217: Destino Boys Return

Is Destiny….good again? Find out our thoughts on (last last weeks) WTDG!

WTDG #216: Deep Divin' Delve

We’re talking Path of Exile’s latest release, Delve, along with some board games (like Root!)

WTDG #215: Shorted Power, Shorted Runtime

Power surge cuts our runtime apart, so we cover just the essentials in this episode of WTDG!

WTDG #214: So Very Much About Games

There are so many games in this one that it's hard to nail down a headline...we talk about...DBZ FighterZ?

WTDG #213: The Rise of Board Games

Board Games are rising in popularity recently and everyone (including us!) are talking about them. What happened? Hear us discuss it in last week's WTDG!

WTDG #212: Villain Hunter

Are monsters actually villains? Find out in last last weeks WTDG! 

WTDG #211: The Coolest Podcast

A 20,000 BTU episode.

WTDG #210: GenCon Round-Up

This week is mostly boardgames (...again) as we talk about all the new releases announced at GenCon. 

WTDG #209: Enter the Twilight

This week we discuss Twilight Imperium and Enter the Gungeon's latest expansion. 

WTDG #208: Octopodcast

Eight hosts (only two) eight games (more or less, didn't count) eight hours long (no).

WTDG #207: A More Unique Episode

An episode more or less unique than the last.

WTDG #206: Fast Food Slow Games

Wherein we discuss Food Chain Magnate and...Overwatch?

WTDG #205: Jurassic World: Movie of the Year Extended Review

Remember when this used to be a video game podcast? Same.

WTDG #204: E3 2018

Noita is the best game of E3 2018.

WTDG #202: The Lost Florida Episode

This mysterious episode follows Ryan on a Disney-filled trance through Florida. 

WTDG #203: The Return of WTDG

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes who finally learned how to get their microphone working, WTDG returns!

WTDG #201: Everyone Hates Los Angeles

With a cold on a vacation in a cold LA.

WTDG #200: Season 2 Finale

"Here's the thing, there's nothing special about a 200th episode. We just keep going"

WTDG #199: Kingdom Death - Blood Money

What is your blood worth? Find out Ryan's answer this week!