WTDG Podcast
WTDG #188: Downtime in the Downside

This week we catch up on some of the 2017 games we forgot to play and talk about AGDQ 2018.

WTDG #187: Notable Games of 2017

Wherein we discuss the most noteworthy (to us) games of 2017.

WTDG #186: Game of the Year 2017

The largest podcast in WTDG History. It's Game of the Year 2017! 

WTDG #185 - All about the Atlas

Finally, an episode to talk about what we're REALLY playing (Path of Exile, and that's it.)

WTDG #184: Run DLC

This week we talk about jumping puzzles.

WTDG #183: Predictions!

This week we talk about how successful Pocket Camp is going to be this next year and how awesome Yooka-Laylee was this year

WTDG #182: Quick Trip to the Rift

This week we keep it short because we know you're tired of hearing about League of Legends.

WTDG #181: Strangers at BlizzCon

This week we talk BlizzCon 2017 and end the episode with a talk about Stranger Things 2. 

WTDG #180: Castle Odyssey

This week, the quartet discusses Super Mario Odyssey and Wolfenstein II: New Colossus.

WTDG #179: The Trash Economy

This week we provide a deep review of Destiny 2 and discuss the real-world trash economy.

WTDG #177: Return to WTDG Castle

In this episode, the story mode for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite gets way too much air time. 

WTDG #176: Interview Shoes

This week we're talking the Hob, Steamworld Dig 2, Cuphead, and the planned obsolesence of interview shoes. 

WTDG #175: Quadruple Gaijin Club

This week we bring on special guest and travel companion Josh Mackler to discuss.... Tinder in Japan?

WTDG #174: Infinite Sin

With Ryan back from Japan, we talk the best and worst of video games. 

WTDG #173: Before the Japan, Part 2

The epic conclusion of the critically-acclaimed two-part mini-series. 

WTDG #172: Before the Japan, Part 1

As Ryan gets ready for his trip to Japan, he talks all about WTDG lore with Sean. 

WTDG #171: The Return of Destino Brothers

This week we discuss Destiny 2 beta impressions and... more Path of Exile!

WTDG #170: Hangover Minisode

This week's shorter episode focuses on Blizzard games and Path of Exile.

WTDG #169: The Great Twitter Challenge

This week we talk scuba-diving, puppy pool parties, and present listeners with a Twitter challenge.

WTDG #168: The Fall of WTDG

Double dipping might not be meta, but this episode sure is.