WTDG Podcast
WTDG #211: The Coolest Podcast

A 20,000 BTU episode.

WTDG #210: GenCon Round-Up

This week is mostly boardgames (...again) as we talk about all the new releases announced at GenCon. 

WTDG #209: Enter the Twilight

This week we discuss Twilight Imperium and Enter the Gungeon's latest expansion. 

WTDG #208: Octopodcast

Eight hosts (only two) eight games (more or less, didn't count) eight hours long (no).

WTDG #207: A More Unique Episode

An episode more or less unique than the last.

WTDG #206: Fast Food Slow Games

Wherein we discuss Food Chain Magnate and...Overwatch?

WTDG #205: Jurassic World: Movie of the Year Extended Review

Remember when this used to be a video game podcast? Same.

WTDG #204: E3 2018

Noita is the best game of E3 2018.

WTDG #202: The Lost Florida Episode

This mysterious episode follows Ryan on a Disney-filled trance through Florida. 

WTDG #203: The Return of WTDG

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes who finally learned how to get their microphone working, WTDG returns!

WTDG #201: Everyone Hates Los Angeles

With a cold on a vacation in a cold LA.

WTDG #200: Season 2 Finale

"Here's the thing, there's nothing special about a 200th episode. We just keep going"

WTDG #199: Kingdom Death - Blood Money

What is your blood worth? Find out Ryan's answer this week! 

WTDG #198: Deck Builders and Stair Builders

This week we talk Fortnite, Slay the Spire, Dead Cells, and some more Gloomhaven.

WTDG #197: Gloomhaven Impressions

This week we keep up the boardgame discussion with first impressions of Gloomhaven

WTDG #196: Board Games Only

Boardgames are sort of like video games but they use physical objects... it's hard to explain, but this episode is all about em! 

WTDG #195: Beasties and Besties

This week we primarily discuss Path of Exile's newest league, Beastiary.

WTDG #194: The Underwaterverse

This week, we talk Xenoverse, FighterZ, and Subnautica.

WTDG #193: Week of Roguelikes

This week we discuss Tangledeep and Slay the Spire

WTDG #192: It's a Monster Hunting World

The whole world seems to be playing Monster Hunter, and we're no exception! This podcast is almost entirely Monster Hunter discussion.