WTDG Podcast
WTDG #206: Fast Food Slow Games

Wherein we discuss Food Chain Magnate and...Overwatch?

WTDG #205: Jurassic World: Movie of the Year Extended Review

Remember when this used to be a video game podcast? Same.

WTDG #204: E3 2018

Noita is the best game of E3 2018.

WTDG #202: The Lost Florida Episode

This mysterious episode follows Ryan on a Disney-filled trance through Florida. 

WTDG #203: The Return of WTDG

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes who finally learned how to get their microphone working, WTDG returns!

WTDG #201: Everyone Hates Los Angeles

With a cold on a vacation in a cold LA.

WTDG #200: Season 2 Finale

"Here's the thing, there's nothing special about a 200th episode. We just keep going"

WTDG #199: Kingdom Death - Blood Money

What is your blood worth? Find out Ryan's answer this week! 

WTDG #198: Deck Builders and Stair Builders

This week we talk Fortnite, Slay the Spire, Dead Cells, and some more Gloomhaven.

WTDG #197: Gloomhaven Impressions

This week we keep up the boardgame discussion with first impressions of Gloomhaven

WTDG #196: Board Games Only

Boardgames are sort of like video games but they use physical objects... it's hard to explain, but this episode is all about em! 

WTDG #195: Beasties and Besties

This week we primarily discuss Path of Exile's newest league, Beastiary.

WTDG #194: The Underwaterverse

This week, we talk Xenoverse, FighterZ, and Subnautica.

WTDG #193: Week of Roguelikes

This week we discuss Tangledeep and Slay the Spire

WTDG #192: It's a Monster Hunting World

The whole world seems to be playing Monster Hunter, and we're no exception! This podcast is almost entirely Monster Hunter discussion.


This week we talk about only Dragon Ball FighterZ following our first ~15 hours with the game. 

WTDG #190: Video Game January

Okay, there are way too many games to play this month. This week we talk Monster Hunter World first impressions, Battle Chef Brigade, Slay the Spire, and more!

WTDG #189: Beta BattlerZ

This week we discuss the beta for Dragonball FighterZ (on PS4) and Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition.

WTDG #188: Downtime in the Downside

This week we catch up on some of the 2017 games we forgot to play and talk about AGDQ 2018.

WTDG #187: Notable Games of 2017

Wherein we discuss the most noteworthy (to us) games of 2017.